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Ages ago, there was nothing more difficult than traveling to a distant location. You had to rely on primitive means of orientation and organization and this was altogether no small feat. However, not even this was enough to diminish inborn wanderlust hidden deep in human species. Luckily, as the progress gained more and more swing, humanity found ways to remedy at least some of these difficulties. Today, with the use of modern technology, mobile devices and the right selection of apps, traveling can be made more convenient than it ever was.

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Everyone who has ever traveled abroad knows the hardships of maintaining connection with people back home. However, taking lengthy calls while in roaming can make your otherwise expensive journey even more pricy. Luckily as the popular proverb states: where there is a will, there is always a way ; and there is a solution even to this persistent problem. One of the solutions is to use a dual SIM phone with both your standard and local cards inserted. Still, your best option would be for you to use Skype application for these long distance calls. Provided that you find a free Wi-Fi, you can use Skype to talk with family and friends for much as you like completely free of charge.

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Data storage

Now, going on a vacation is all about two things. First one is about enjoying yourself in a new and exotic location and the second one is about making memories.

. Unfortunately, high quality pictures take quite a bit of space and it will be impossible for you to keep them all on your phone. Because of this, it would be best for you to use a cloud application like gDrive, oneDrive or pCloud. In this way, your pictures will remain safe and all in one place for you to access them whenever you need them and from any terminal on the globe.


When it comes to the lodging, Airbnb is most definitely head and shoulders above anyone else. In fact, not only did it improve the quality of modern tourism, it introduced something no short of revolution. What it does for you is allow you to find the most suitable place for your lodging in over 34,000 cities across the globe. Through it, you will not only be able to learn of the price of your lodging but also access various customer reviews as well. To show how dominant Airbnb is in this industry as of March 2015 its value is estimated to well over $20 billion.

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When it comes to planning your itinerary, this is yet another place where a cunning use of application can be of invaluable assistance. For example, if you have already decided on your ideal travel location but haven’t yet came around to what you are going to do when you come there, what you need is a Localeur app. The way this application functions is quite simple yet completely brilliant. Based on the reviews of locals, Localeur helps you learn in all points of interest in your nearest vicinity. The brilliance and user friendliness of this app is so great that some experts estimate that soon, Localeur could even threaten the Yelp itself.

Finally, it is the primary role of technology to make our lives better and the way we travel is in no way an exception to this general rule. With a cunning use of proper apps, not only can you travel more easily but also save a substantial amounts of money, making your journeys a lot more affordable. Eventually, this could even make it possible for you to travel more often.

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