AppLock For Android, Blocking Access To Your Important Files

AppLock is a free application for Android, which also offer blocking options for important files and personal information of the users, it is also a simple solution to protect applications that are installed on the device using a password or a lock code for the screen.


When the application is first executed, the user will be prompted to set a password to access one lock code to open AppLock and therefore all applications are blocked. In this regard it is recommended to use a password that is completely unique and difficult to decipher, and as far as possible avoid using the same password that was set for the phone itself.

The home screen AppLock shows a complete list of all applications that are currently running on the device, and each includes a kind of switch on the side that allows the information to determine whether this application will be private or not. If we want this data is protected we simply enable the corresponding option.

Sensitive applications such as Facebook, Gmail and other IM applications, may require this protection to keep user data safe. As additional features, it is possible to specify system functions are provided as for example the ability to install or uninstall applications from Smartphone Store or Google Play applications, with the possibility of even answer an incoming call.

Furthermore, AppLock includes different settings that can be set so that it will not have to perform again after some information has been changed. Currently the application is available for free download with a file size of 1.9 MB and requires only phones with Android 2.2 or higher to run.


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