beat: Play Music from Dropbox and Google Drive with exquisite design HOLO

One of the ways we keep our media and access it wherever we go is to save it in the cloud can raise our library services like Dropbox or Google Drive to access it requiring only an Internet connection.


However, users who used this system probably would throw in lack a way to access it like a real music player is involved , since native applications for these services are not dedicated to that purpose and may slack off a lot in that appearance (without going any further, watch video streaming from the native Dropbox app is too limited for my taste).

An application that works as a music player and comes to cover the gap in Google user is under the name Play beat. The application, in addition to playing music in local media in the cloud via Dropbox and Google Drive, and from web radios , has an elegant design and features that separate it from the rest of its competitors.

The application highlights just start using it for their Holo-based design , which takes from us for Ice Cream Sandwich and we can customize the interface as we want to make it to our liking. We may also use the floating controls to control playback features are in the application that we are, without us having to open the application and stop what you are doing.

It also has details like equalizer, timer for the music stops last time, automatically downloading the covers album, folder organization … functions are grateful when we are using the application.

If you are users who are looking for a method to reproduce the content you have on cloud services, or you are simply looking for a new application that will serve as a music player, beat may be the solution: your design is a success along with controls floating. Google is available in Free Play.

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