Best Android Clock Apps

Who would not have overslept one morning even having put four or five alarms on my phone? When the body is tired little you can do except use the best Android clock applications for interrupt sleep and so get out of bed when the alarm sounds.

Here are collected some of the best applications in this field.

Alarm clock xtreme

  1. Alarm Clock Xtreme: The “number one”, the best resource of vicious sleep. This is a Clock application in which to clear the alarm is necessary to solve math problems or to enter a captcha code appear on screen. Mathematical problems can be set up in three levels of difficulty (easy, medium, hard) and the hard way is really a challenge to sleep, because unless one is an ax of mathematics, it is almost impossible to solve the problem without getting out of bed.
  2. AlarmDroid: Another similar alternative to fight sleep. It also includes a form of “aid” to ensure that you wake up to the time when you should, so if someone does not like the previous application, this one may be more convincing as it includes an interface a little more professional.


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