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The CyanogenMod Installer app has been removed from Play Store

Today something happened that was to be expected: Google says no to the Installer application in CyanogenMod Play Store. A direct developers Android ROMs alternative message. The application CyanogenMod Installer installation allowing CyanogenMod ROM for Android devices without having to root or unlock the bootloader , which had been launched in the Play Store has recently been withdrawn today for violating the terms of service, as CyanogenMod...

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Polaroid Socialmatic: Photo Camera With Android That Also Prints

The Polaroid name sound at all, both the young and the older of the place: who does not have a photograph taken with one of these cameras? For better or worse, the time spent, and Polaroid was involved in a very bad time for the company. But Polaroid is not to become a mere memory, and so lately are moving towards...

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How do you get a refund from Google Play Store?

Have you ever paid for an application that ended up being not what you expected? Have you bought wrong and incorrect application? There is a simple way to get a refund from Google Play Store and here’s how. There are plenty of free mobile applications that can simply download, test, and if we do not like delete. Most mobile app stores have on your list...