Cover: Incredible App for Customizing the Lock Screen

When discussing applications customizing lock screen in Android would typically find simple applications that allow you to add some details to the lock screen to try to facilitate access to certain mobile tools. What differentiates Cover all other competitive alternatives is not only its design, but the application has a number of very unique features that make it an option with many opportunities to reach the top of most applications Play downloaded from Google.

In principle, Cover is an application that adds a whole new lock screen terminal. From there, the user has a multitude of customization options that come with small details to facilitate everyday life with regard to the use of the terminal.

Cover android

The amazing thing is that Cover the lock screen does not always show the same applications, but the list of shortcuts will varied depending on where the mobile is located. In this way, the user can access the applications you need in every moment of the day depending on where it is situated; And how will know the application which shortcuts has to show in each location? Cover learns the user’s own , automatically so that the most used applications related to the place at which the terminal at that moment.

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