Malwarebytes Comes To The Android Platform

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is a security software that particularly focuses on the detection of pieces of malware and Trojans, quite popular among desktop users and has now landed on the Android platform with the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Mobile application. As we know, the malware is a constant threat for Android users, so one arrives this application will certainly be well received.


Malwarebytes mobile application includes its standard safety features, along with a database of more than 200 types of malware and its variants, an automatic update to keep abreast of new threats, and a proactive analysis of both applications installed as third-party files. Although it is often seen as a cleaner or malware detector, the application is now released for Android incorporates other features that are relevant.

For example, there is a feature called Privacy Manager, which allows users to analyze those applications that have access to personal information, as well as network functions and basically could be adding monthly fees. Apart from this feature, there is also a Secure Audit feature that is responsible for detecting and warning users about vulnerabilities regarding the configuration currently used in mobile, including GPS tracking or insecure wireless networks.

In addition, the application of Malwarebytes includes an application manager and services that aims to identify and disable all operations or activities that display suspicious. With all this available, perhaps we could think that would necessarily payment application, however now and can be obtained for free from Google Play, Supports Android 2.3 and up mobile and with a size of 5.2 MB download.

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