Nero BackItUp Lets You Create Backups On Android

Nero BackItUp is a free application for Android that allows users to create backups of all your data on the device. With this application users can create and restore safety glasses different types of data and information on the phone, including photos, videos, music, contacts and even text messages and call log. As an added bonus, the app also offers 5GB of free storage in the cloud.

Nero BackItUp

One aspect worth considering is that the application does not require the device to be root to run, which means it works with any device that is compatible with the current version. When run for the first time, users are faced with a home screen that has three main buttons: Mobile, Target and Back Up Now . To create a backup Android first thing you have to do is click on the Mobile option to select the type of data you want to back up.

Then we mark the check box for each type of content you wish to be included in the backup ends and you have to press the “Next” option. The backup can be done in online storage, microSD card and computer, this last option using a WiFi wireless network.

If you create a backup in the cloud, users have to create a user account on the service, and then select the destination for the backup to start the process of creating the backup. In addition to the copy of the application allows manual that takes safety, an option is also included so that you can do this automatically based on a pre-established and can be specified from the setup menu schedule.


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