The best music players for Android

The music player is, for many, one of the most important applications in our gadgets . The player that comes by default in Android has suffered an endless series of changes to become completely replaced by Google Music , a very nice service, but that is not available worldwide without restrictions. Neither is a very powerful player and with great features, so many end users looking for alternatives.

Music player

Google Play is packed with options when looking for applications, but this does not mean that all are of quality, if you type “music player” in the search field, you can get a lot of junk before giving something worthwhile. To make life easier, we’ve put together this list of the best music players for Android .



Songbird is a very popular music player on the desktop, the first time I tried it still had Linux version. The Android app is pretty good and has one of the best interfaces I’ve had in music players for Android .

In addition to playing audio files, Songbird also play music from YouTube videos and make playlists with them. It has a news section that displays news about our favorite artists, sharing the music you play on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, has built-in equalizer, and also has a music recommendation system.You can make scrobbling to, and listen to podcasts.

Songbird is completely free and has widgets for the desktop and the lock screen.



TuneWiki is a music player with an emphasis on lyrics. You can get all the lyrics in your music library while you play and read in perfect sync. It has a mini social network where you can discuss music, share songs with friends, and get recommendations.

It has radio stations, you can scrobble to, play any local content you have on your memory, and add a widget to the desktop player. TuneWiki is free, but has ads within the application.



Winamp is a music player for the most popular Windows of all time, and its sister application for Android has many features that enhance the experience of the desktop player.

Winamp for Android is a very complete music player, with tons of features. With Winamp you can sync music from your Mac or PC wirelessly, you can import your iTunes library, and access to Internet radio stations via SHOUTcast.

Winamp has widgets for desktop and complete player for the lock screen. You can also scrobbling to, and access to news and information on the artists in your library.

Winamp is complimentary but has improvements that you can access via in-app purchases, such as: lyrics, automatic download of album covers, graphic equalizer, FLAC files playback, customizable home screen etc..



doubleTwist is a music player for Android highly powerful. Works to play local files, listen to the radio, listen to podcasts, watch videos and sync your music via AirSync via your WiFi network.

It lets you download caratulas to your music albums in high quality. It has smart playlists, and thanks to the AirSync you can stream music to multiple devices such as Xbox, PS3, or Apple TV. It also has a desktop application available free for Windows and Mac

doubleTwist is free, but you can access a Pro version via in-app purchases.



99M is a music player for Android with a lovely graphical interface. It allows you to change songs just by sliding your finger. It has widgets to the lock screen and the desktop. You can see the progress of the current track in the notification bar. Organize your library automatically, and detects if new files have been added or have been removed.

It lets you create playlists, share what you hear on Twitter manually or automatically, and has graphic equalizer. 99M is free without ads, but you can unlock a version premium by $ 0.99.



n7player is a player with a different graphical interface to all past, present music in a 3D surface, in which you can browse images of the artists and albums using gestures.

Download intelligently the covers of the discs has a 5-band equalizer, supports multiple audio formats, has tag editor for all supported formats, file manager which allows browsing the SD card via musicXmatch lyrics , scrobbling to, widgets for the desktop player on the lock screen.

n7player can be downloaded free from Google Play and unlimited use for a period of 14 days to continue using it you must purchase the application for $ 3.36.



PowerAmp is one of the most popular players music for Android is an application that has a lot of time on Google Play, since the beginning of Android. Over time it has evolved to become the favorite of many players.

PowerAmp supports multiple audio formats, has a 10-band graphic equalizer, adjust bass and treble independently. Function has crossfade , reproduction without silences between songs, lyrics display support and search via musiXmatch; supports m3u list files playback, m3u8, pls and wpl, download the album covers, has 4 types of widgets customizable, supports themes and has a high level of customization.

PowerAmp can be downloaded for free on Google Play and its use is unlimited for the first 15 days, the full version costs $ 3.99.

Rocket Music Player

Rocket player

Rocket Player is a player with a simple interface, but can satisfy the most demanding users. It has advanced features quick edit playlists, tags, batch operations, graphic equalizer, supports viewing lyrics, and their appearance can be customized by themes.

Rocket Player can work with iSyncr, an app for syncing music with iTunes and Android devices with support scrobbling to It has 2 widgets to add to the desktop.

You can download from Google Play, and there is also a version premium that adds more features for $ 3.99.

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