Unboxing Solar Charger Scosche solBAT II

Today we are unboxing and brief description of an attachment to our phones that can be very useful for situations where you do not have an outlet or want to save the electricity bill, but for practical purposes I opted more for the former.

First we have the Scosche Solbat II a solar charger for our phones for 29 € . A SUV accessory to take anywhere and not stay at no time wasted, no battery for your mobile phone.

Solar charger

First Impressions

Solar charger

Just open the box of the product, we realize that we are not faced with a product of low quality , because from the first moment shows that quality is an accessory, both building materials and extra accessories.

Solar charger case

As you can see the solar charger comes with a power cable , a carabiner to hang it from a carrying bag and leave loading so without you noticing and a plastic housing with 4 suction cups if desired leave loading in the car window or a window where the sun will strike much.

Experience of use

As we said earlier in this article this solar charger is quality, although its use would recommend to people who can put in places where you truly sun with intensity, because after the testing does not pick up very well if the energy is a glimmer, and s say you have to give the sun 3pm when most hits or have it all day in the sun, to get it to fill up to 100%

Moreover, I see highly recommended as one of the accessories Galaxy Note 3 par excellence as consumption of phablets usually so high, it reaches not last one day, so you can leave your sun bat II Scosche car collecting energy from the sun and to always have a battery backup.

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