5 Android Apps For Personal Defense

Often the role mobile applications beyond entertainment and productivity tasks offered to users. Consequently, we can meet weight loss applications, applications for pregnancy or in this case, Android applications for self-defense, of which we present the top 5.

Personal defense app

Self Defense for Women: This is a program that focuses on basic techniques and movements of self defense, with the intent to deter potential attackers. You can learn correct postures, weapons for self-defense, as well as some martial arts techniques. Although it is aimed at women, as can be useful for anyone.

Bully Buster: This is an application that is useful for when young are bullied at school. Interestingly, it has information related bullying, plus it teaches the child that you should talk to an adult or school authorities should have this problem.

Self Defense: offers all movements that allow a person to defend themselves in a dangerous situation, plus it also teaches how to maintain a safe environment at home and in workplaces or public places.There is also information for all family members so that they also know how to defend and act.

Marine Corps Martial Arts I: This is an Android application for personal defense advanced level, because here information on movements and tactics employed by special forces of the Navy sample.There are instructions for each technique with video demonstrations.

Self-defense This is a guide on the different techniques that martial arts like karate is. Techniques specified to blows with the feet and hands, physical and mental training, and defense of a weapon attack or unarmed.

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