Download APK Files Directly to Your Computer from the Play Store

Install APK Downloader extension

This extension is to allow us to download the APK to your computer, for this they have to get into this post from its developer and download the. The reduction will be in file format. Crx (format extensions Chrome). The problem is that Chrome does not let you install extensions directly from “official” way, for it will have to open the browser extensions and drag the. Crx that are down, when you do that ask them if they want to install the extension. To work, this extension requires that we enter the address and password of the Google account, besides the “Device ID”, and for this there are two ways to find out:

Read the Device ID from my Android

Complicated way : To find out the device ID have to type  * # * # 8255 # * # * . Simply: Installing the app Device ID from Play Store. When you open the app will show them the ID and mail. This is especially for those who use tablets (although it works on mobile).

Downloading APK

Download the APK is really very simple, when you are on a page of the Play Store and want to download the app will see an icon in which you have to click and automatically start the download appears on the right side of the address bar.  

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