Fing: App to Detect Intruders in a WiFi Network

The main advantage of network access , the ability to connect to the Internet wirelessly, at the same time is also its greatest danger. While there are already secure keys that somehow guarantee that no one will lose time trying to connect to our network (see for example the key WPA2 ), many users are still using open networks or networks worldwide with basic security anyone with experience could break to access all data passing through that connection. In addition to changing and improving the security of the router, there is another surefire way to tell if someone is connecting to our WiFi network : the application of Fing for Android .


Applying Fing performs a quick scan of all devices that are connected to our wireless network router. We can see the IP and MAC addresses of these devices as well as the assigned-in name if they had any, see for example “Computer Manuel” -. We may also assign specific names for certain equipment, which will help us to differentiate our own terminals intruders that may appear on the network.

In short, this is a really useful and recommended for anyone who wants to have their application WiFi network constantly monitored without needing to modifying and revising the router configuration.

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