How do you get a refund from Google Play Store?

Have you ever paid for an application that ended up being not what you expected? Have you bought wrong and incorrect application? There is a simple way to get a refund from Google Play Store and here’s how.


There are plenty of free mobile applications that can simply download, test, and if we do not like delete. Most mobile app stores have on your list enough of them. The free app, mostly financed through advertising. Others like the games come in versions Free-to-play and buy in-app , LINE with stickers and games. There are other popular payment applications that according to the recommendation of our friends or reviews user facilitate the buying decision.

What if you bought the application does not meet your expectations? First may be an application that everyone recommended you but definitely not yours. You may have the name wrong and you end up buying a different application to which you were looking. Maybe you wanted to venture into the bowels of Google Play Store and got off a payment application that looked great in the screenshots, but ultimately did not like it. Whatever the reason, you may request a refund of Google Play Store, under certain conditions .

How to apply for a refund of Google Play Store?

Right after applying low pay and have 15 minutes to ask for a refund of Google Play Store in a simple way.

  1. Go to the Google Play Store. Tap the icon and then Google Play My Apps .
  2. Select the application or game you want to return.
  3. Select Get refund . You will get a confirmation message asking if you really want to ask for a refund of Google Play Store on a single application. Select YES and go.

It must be remembered that this action can only be performed once per application , and if it takes more than 15 minutes from the time of unloading not able to access this simple reimbursement of Google Play Store and have to go to communicate with developers , tell your case and wait for them to decide to make the refund.

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