Optimize Android with AVG TuneUp

Occasionally a good optimization never hurt our Android , so today I want to recommend a new app released by AVG to optimize Android . We’re talking about AVG TuneUp , an excellent tool that is very complete and has very interesting options for our Android work better and do not consume much battery.

Features of AVG TuneUp

More power : extending the life of the battery. More stability : terminate the task to improve the stability of the device and potentially increase your speed. More space : checks and removes unwanted applications or move them to an SD card to free up internal memory. More Control : Controls the use of mobile data that does not exceed the available limit and have to pay an additional amount.

Avg tuneup

As you may have read, is an excellent choice for our device works much better, and it consumes less battery consumption full control of data and avoid surprises when we take the bill arrives later this month.

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