Quip, fantastic mobile text editor available for Android devices

We finally have an official version available in preview Quip acclaimed text editor.Collaborative work and ability to edit documents offline so are their best cards.

 productshotQuip is a text editor as we know. It was designed especially for mobile touch devices such as smartphones and tablets and therefore is better suited to work on these devices than traditional applications such as Office 365, Pages or even Google Drive.

Quip for Android allows you to work collaboratively and edit documents offlineWhy I dare say that? First applications like Office 365 require the payment of a subscription to use their services. The exclusively for iOS, Pages application need to acquire your device at a higher price than normal in terms of applications for mobile devices. Additionally, people in regions like Latin America do not have access to credit cards so the fact acquire Paid is somewhat complicated. Finally Google Drive, offering work and shared documents online, has a restriction: you can only access them if you have an internet connection . Quip for Android, iOS and web, on the other hand is free, allows documents to work collaboratively, has a friendly user interface and best of all: it also works offline, allowing synchronization once it has internet access.

For several months was available for iOS and its web version, but is now also available Quip for Android, and not as a version in preview , but the new version of Quip for Android completely designed to make the most of the mobile platform of Google . Gradually we will be adding new features to the application as it has happened in the version of iOS, keep in mind that Quip was released middle of this year so it will tend to improve in the future. It is an application worth trying and which we expect much. Needless to say, there is a version for corporate users where from a monthly price can have this application to your business.

You can download Android Quip for free on Google Play Store


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