Themer: App To Customize Your Android

The customization options in the Android phones are quite extensive and varied, but today we want to talk Themer , one that stands out because it can install a theme on the phone style and adapt the design that you like the user to simply a one touch, while you can configure the widgets and wallpapers.

Themer Beta BETA Logo


Perhaps the most common problem we face with manual customization, that is usually a slow process and in the end never gives us the desired results. That is precisely where stands the application as it automatically handles the customization options, including the web site developer is known to be a resource to customize the phone quite broad, including design elements, icons, widgets, backgrounds desktop and even mobile applications.

The application is not yet made available for download the final version, so users have to log on to the web to access a limited Beta version. Once installed on the phone, the same handles the user interface of the phone, offering a completely different experience, with access to a wide range of topics that can be downloaded and immediately applied to the device with one touch.

Overall this is an application that has the ability to customize your Android phone completely changing the appearance of the interface and the ability to modify the times you want. Now and as mentioned before, you can only download the beta version of the application from Google Play, which includes over 50 themes that you can use for free. These themes include categories such as sports, science fiction, nature, music, games and more.

To use the application requires an activation code to be achieved by registering as a Beta Tester.

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