Zedge: All In One To Personalize Your Android

In the Android world we find all kinds of applications to download Wallpapers or images to customize your desktop, there are many more to find shades for service or call so many more where it to find new games to try, too many applications and pages where to find themes Mobile, but … what if we told you that there is a single application to do this.

This app is called Zedge and allows us to find perhaps the largest library of ringtones, images and games for Android, definitely all a pump for any user of a smartphone to save you time and effort when using the browser or different applications.


The application is very easy to use having well-defined searches and filters allowing us to find the best HD pictures optimized for your device, ringtones, games and much more. The search categories are divided into:

  • Wallpapers (Wallpaper).
  • Live Wallpapers (Live wallpapers).
  • Ringtones (Ringtones).
  • Notifications (Ringtones notifications).
  • Games (Games).

Also, the application has a download history, which greatly facilitates the search you when you require quickly find a tone, image, etc..

Among the most attractive features are that is definitely the best, we are able to immediately apply the sound or wallpaper you just downloaded, without applying the changes and exit the application. Another interesting feature is in the case of tones, where we have the opportunity to hear the tone before downloading, so we are sure that we strike the wrong file. It also has the ability to automatically search filtering only ringtones, images, games, etc, that are optimized for your device.

Zedge is one of the essential apps for your Android device. It is available in Google Play for free.


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