4 Essential Travel Apps

Spur-of-the-moment decisions and last-minute offers may be your ticket to the adventure of your life, but they can also become an invitation to the big disaster of a holiday. It is always preferable to plan ahead of the time and ensure that things work out the way you intended. This allows travelers to immerse in the new ambiance without hiccups, soak in the local setting free of worries, and save money in the process. With growing popularity of smartphones, today, all of those things can be achieved with the help of apps. That is why we’ve outlined 4 of the most essential Android apps every traveler should pack on his device.



Though sometimes best vacations are a result of spur of the moment decisions, when you are on a tight schedule the most important thing is to carefully plan out most of your trip. Packing everything you will need on your destination can turn into a real disaster if you aren’t careful, thus using an app like PackPoint will greatly diminish your stress levels.


Fitting the vacation into your schedule will be a piece of cake with an app like aCalendar, and do not despair in case it seems to be jam-packed with obligations. See if you can use some free days, check the list of holidays, and whether they may be converted into long weekends. Now, a lot of people apply the same logic, and are already preparing for short holidays. This means that it pays off to act quickly: To lay out the solid, cost-effective itinerary, one has to compare prices and engage in some negotiation. aCalendar is feature rich and the best thing is that it synchronises with Google Calendar.


Find a place to stay at that has the appropriate payment system, one that appreciates your time and money. With AirBnb doing just that is a child’s play.

Early birds can often strike a good deal and achieve optimal value. Do not be lazy to get into research and pinpoint advance purchase airfare deals, as well as hotel stays. These two items on the list usually have a hefty price tag attached, which makes bringing down the costs a top priority.


Even the luxury properties offer affordable prices for those who make an effort to reserve accommodation early on. Furthermore, loyal customers should capitalize on various programs provided by their favorite hotel brands. There are many good deals to be found on the Internet as well, most prominently with apps like Airbnb. They give you a chance to live like a local for a few days and forge new, exciting friendships.

Travel Money

This is a great app that allows you to track your travel expenses as well to keep a close eye on other currencies.
Do not overlook a single detail, as it can make a difference between blowing the budget and saving money. Holiday exchange rates should be locked in because that way you avoid additional costs and are able to set up a budget many months in advance.  Get a hold of factors like local prices and transportation costs: There are many ways to cut the day-to-day expenses and even more scenarios to get ripped off.

Apart from the money, time is of the essence. Therefore, you have to gain insights into the best ways to move around, and pick activities you would like to take on. Remember that local customs and climate may face you with some challenges, but stay focused, open-minded and inspired. You may have itchy feet, and crave to hit the road badly, but traveling should not be a hit and miss process, where you leave things to the precarious nature of chance.

Marcus Jensen

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