5 Best Ways to Promote Your Android App in 2017


A few months ago, Android officially became the world’s most popular web browsing OS, by overtaking this industry’s long-reigning king – Windows. In order to adjust to this state of affairs, a lot of people decided to optimize their website for mobile, while there is a different, more efficient, approach. Namely, 90 percent of all smartphone internet time gets spent on various apps. Even though only several major apps see heavy use, going with an app has a potential to bring you a great ROI. Whether or not you will manage to achieve this goal greatly depends on your marketing strategy, so, here are five best ways to promote your android app in 2017.

Facebook ads

In the introduction, we mentioned that there are only several apps that see heavy app use and Facebook is definitely one of them. This means that the most of your target demographic is already there, which makes Facebook ideal for your outreach. While this can be sufficient on its own, you can further endorse your Facebook ad campaign by creating an emailing list. This would allow you to be even more specific about who you target, which is bound to result in an even greater conversion rate.

Multiple stores

When we talk about Android platform, most people assume that Google Play Store is all you will ever need. However, giving your audience multiple options is always bound to give favorable results. Namely, there are so many great Google Play Store alternatives, such as Amazon Appstore, GetJar and Mobogenie. The more of these markets you go for, the more you will expand your reach. It is really that simple. Still, keep in mind that this doesn’t mean you should neglect Google Play Store since it is by far the biggest name in the game.

Get some professional help

One of the greatest problems in the app business these days lies in the fact that the market is already quite oversaturated. Whether you are making a game app, a fitness app or a business app, your competition is probably quite numerous and already well-established within the niche. In order to triumph over them, you might need a help from an outsider. In this situation, hiring the services of a digital agency might be the right call. In this way, you will get a fresh perspective and useful advice on the best ways to make something unique, something the industry hasn’t seen before.


Influencer endorsement

Even in real life, not everyone’s words get the equal amount of attention. Well, this goes double in the digital world. Having a well-known blogger, a YouTube personality or a local celebrity to endorse your app can make a great difference. In order to try and emulate the behavior of this person of authority, some people may even start spreading the word of your app on their own initiative, therefore becoming your brand ambassadors. Sure, influencers usually require a certain financial compensation for their services but this is usually more than worth the price.

A free version of the app

Finally, in order to make some money, you may need to allow people to test it out first. Here you have two options. The first one is to offer a limited trial period and the second one is to give them a free version of the app. While the first idea would give your users a more genuine insight in your app, have in mind that this system is easy to exploit (multiple emails or mobile devices). Because of this, going with different versions of the app, one of which is free, might be the right way to go.


Developing a great app is an idea that is supposed to generate a huge amount of value on its own. Unfortunately, this won’t help you if people are reluctant to give your app a shot in the first place. In the sea of new apps emerging every day, you will need a solid marketing campaign in order to stand out. Luckily, with these five above-listed tips, you might just get the chance of a breakthrough you were hoping for.

Marcus Jensen

Marcus is an Australian IT support professional. He’s running his own business, working with companies that outsource their IT maintenance. He often writes about technology, business and marketing and is a regular contributor on several sites.

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