Block Calls from Specific Numbers on Android

Who has not ever happened to have some annoying friend calling to disturb the morning, continually calls the bank to offer credit cards, telephone operators that we provide all kinds of things, annoying ex boyfriends or girlfriends and harassing, or who knows what other people call them and draw them inward calm (?).

Fortunately with the advent of smartphones have more and more options for controlling the calls, as this case I want to recommend them Call Control, an app to block calls from specific numbers on Android .

But it only works with voice calls, is also able to block SMS from numbers you specify, so you avoid the contact of any kind.

Call control

With Call Control we can build blacklists numbers adding us to go to prevent them contacting us .

It also has a cool feature of community, where people could dial phones as SPAM, so he is putting together a database of more complete data. This makes him a very useful weapon against SPAM phone nowadays is so fashionable.

The good thing is that Call Control is free and can be downloaded and installed from the Play Store.

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