InstaQuote: Create Beautiful Images with Text and Share

Lately it is fashionable to share photos with cool phrases, either sharing quotations from thinkers, our own words or whatever. InstaQuote is a free application that allows us to do just that, creating images with texts and very simply with professional designs.


Crachteristics of InstaQuote

19 beautifully designed styles ✭ 
✭ Choose backgrounds in several packages of high quality backgrounds 
✭ Use your own photos as backgrounds 
✭ Export to Instagram or your photo album 
✭ Function for Use As Background with different fonts 
✭ Design your words with size and font color, alignment, spacing and position 
✭ Click on the words to add emphasis 
✭ Over 50 beautiful fonts


I tried it on my iPhone and really is an excellent program, I’m surprised that is free because the quality of the images you can create surprisingly, they recommend.


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