Max Remote: Turn Your Android into A Remote Control for Your PC

Today’s smartphones have become tools that can do almost any kind of thing, and in this case I want to recommend a cool app called Remote Beta Max , which allows us to convert our Android phone or tablet into a remote control for our PC .

With this application we can use our Android catching a lot of things to our computer , such as power management, keypad, joystick to play, and so much more that I want to leave a comment below.

Max remote beta


Max Remote controls our device through WiFi network , and so we must install the application on the client device and the computer. Estña JAVA based, so it runs on any PC that supports this platform.

The full list of controls that has this app is:

Remotely Control:

• Basic Input (Mouse and Keyboard) 
• Browser 
• VLC Player 
Classic Media Player • 
Windows Media Player • 
• YouTube 
• Slide Show 
• Run 
• Transfer Text (Type or speak the text) 
• NumPad 
• GimpPad 
CorelPad • 
• Power (Shutdown, restart, hibernate …)


• NES 
• SNES – Super Nintendo 
• Nintendo 64 
• PlayStation 3 
• Saturn 
• Gamepad 
Gamepad • 2 
• Shooting Mode 
• Shooting Mode 2 
Mode • Race 
• Race Mode 2 
• Max Remote NES 
SNES Max Remote • 
Nintendo 64 • Max Remote 
• Play Station 3 Remote Max 
Max Remote • Saturn 
• Gamepad Remote Max 
• Shooting Mode Max Remote 
• Remote Shooting Mode 2 Max 
Max Remote • Race Mode 
• Race Mode 2 Max Remote

Other Features:

• Remote Beta Max Also lets you open several programs remotely, They are: 
• Microsoft Word 
• Microsoft PowerPoint 
• Microsoft Excel 
• Writer 
• Calc 
• Impress 
• WordPad 
• Notepad 
• Google Chrome 
• Mozilla Firefox 
• Internet Explorer 
• Opera 
• Windows Media Player 
• Calculator 
• Command Prompt


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