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Best Android Remote Control Apps

Before remote controls, people had to flip through channels by getting up from their seats every time they wanted to see something new. Now, with this handy little device in your hand, you do it from the comfort of your couch. Remote controls have been in our lives for decades now, but do we still have the possibility of doing...

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The Best High Risk Trading Apps

In any form of investment, risk is absolutely fundamental and you can’t expect any returns on your investment without considerable amount of risk associated with it. Novice traders find it difficult to figure out the difference between high risk and low risk trading. Investors should know how to mitigate risk by diversifying their portfolio and must avoid investing their entire... logo

Digital business cards – for Android review

Business card exchange is a necessary part of every business meeting. Paper cards have been popular for many years and they did a great job. However, they are not keeping up with the modern times.  A name and a phone number is not enough any more. We want to get more information from our new business contact!

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Cloud Storage Service Box Releases Major Updates to Android App

On Tuesday, May 20th, cloud storage service Box debuted Box for Android 3.0, the most expansive update for this app since it was introduced back in 2010. These updates are aimed at making Box faster and easier to use. Updates include a new image gallery that allows users to browse photos without waiting for images with the highest resolution to...