Digital business cards – for Android review

Business card exchange is a necessary part of every business meeting. Paper cards have been popular for many years and they did a great job. However, they are not keeping up with the modern times.  A name and a phone number is not enough any more. We want to get more information from our new business contact!

Usually after I get a business card, I try to find the person on LinkedIn. There may be 30 different people with the same name. On top of that, your new contact might not have filled their profile completely, so even if you know a bit more, like a company name, it will not help.

In this article, we will review eConnectCard, which is becoming  popular option especially among Real Estate Agents. The agent can generate and print their own branded QR code, which is very handy for Real Estate listing signs.


How does it work?

You sign up at and fill in your information. You can also create your own url, which is great. The card and the website is easy to navigate.  eConnectCard stores all your contacts emails for follow ups or exporting for Newsletters.

Benefits we found from using the product :

Your contacts can now instantly:

  •  View Contact info
  •  Save info to their device
  •  Click to view Website(s)
  •  Click to follow your social networks
  •  Forward your card to others!

You can share Anywhere – Anytime

  •  Email – Just add the contacts email and send
  •  Text –  Right from your device’s contact list
  •  Email Signature – Using your cards personal URL
  •  Qr Code – Directs instantly to your card
  •  Mobile app  – Making it super easy to share on the go!


iPhone and Android mobile applications allow you to create, modify and share your business cards (yes, you can have more of them!) , You can create a QR code, add even schedule appointments inside your dashboard.


My digital business card looks like this:
digital business card - peter matisko

The app environment is very intuitive. You have your own digital rolodex- a digidex, with all collected contacts. The app makes it easy to instantly share your card through various channels.

A few screenshots from the Android mobile app, a rofile and a digital rolodex.

digital business card profiledigital roloder for business cards

If you feel that a paper card is not meeting your needs, why not try a digital business card. When you make it a part of your business meetings, you will not want to go back to paper cards unless it is really necessary.

We have tested eConnectCard’s Android app and we have not had any issues. We are looking forward to the further development and adding new features. If you want to test digital cards, is definitely a great option.





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