Top Role Playing Games (RPG) for Android

RPG gamesGaming in Android is becoming more popular day by day. The developers are bringing many new games every day. Among them some are very good, on the other hand, some are just waste of time. So, it is better to know in detail about a game before you play that game. For your convenience, today we are going to compile a great list of best Role Playing games (RPG) for Android devices. So, sit back and go through this article to know more about some of the best RPG games developed for android till date.

Attack the Light:

Attack the LightThere are many games which involve violence. But, Attack the Light is totally opposite of those. It has all the thrills and adventures of a Role Playing Game but not any violence. Rather, it is a very funny and cute game to play. The gameplay is so addictive and fun to play. Additionally, it is very easy to play as the controls are very simple and basic swipe and tap type. In this game, you will have to control four players with different ability vs. many types of powerful weapons. You will have all types of features of any RPG games such as- exploring, fighting, collecting treasures, unlocking abilities and questing etc. And, each of the characters has a unique storyline of themselves. For that reason, you will not feel bore and the possibility of replaying the game is very much. So, if you want to play an easy to play but fun RPG game then ‘Attack the Light’ could be the best choice for you. Though, to enjoy this epic game you have to buy it spending 2.99$. But, we can assure you that if you are an RPG lover, then it will worth it.

Galaxy Legend:

Galay LegendIf you are searching for a massively multiplayer online (mmo) RPG game, then you are at the right place. Because, we are going to introduce you to an awesome mmo game. Galaxy Legend is a very famous and successful game in the genre of RPG game. Because, it has online gameplay feature included. We all know that the fun and excitement of playing any game increases to a great extent, if the game has a multiplayer feature. In this game, you can play both of the single and multiplayer game. The multiplayer game includes many addictive and attractive features.

You can play as a team leader or any member of a team and battle against other players in real time. The gameplay of this game is very intense and if you get used to it, you will be undoubtedly addictive of this game. The graphics and the user-interface looks stunning as well. There are so many types of fleet (over 100) available in the game, and all of them has unique and astonishing ability to battle against enemies. You can wage war against any other team online on weekly tournament, where you will get bonus as well. And you can take your rank to the top by playing against other players. And, the daily reward feature will give you another excitement to play it again and again. So, for the mmo lovers, galaxy Legend could be one of the best game to try out.

Marvel Future Fight:

Marvel future fightAre you a superhero lover or an RPG gamer who loves superheroes? Then Marvel Future Fight is the only option for you to try out. This is a game where RPG meets with your superheroes and super-powers. You can play as your dream superheroes. Here, you can unite the most powerful and mightiest superheroes to battle against the super villains in an epic battle. The fate of the superheroes is on your hand, it is now your time to control them and conquer the victory over the super villains. Most of the famous superheroes and super villains are available in this game. And all of them have their very own unique abilities in Marvel Future Fight and time to time you can also upgrade those abilities too. The control is very easy, as you will need only one finger to take control of the game. And, there’s also an option to use a virtual gamepad. The graphics, gameplay and the storyline are no less than a masterpiece. If you are an RPG lover, then you must play this game.

Beast Quest:

Beast QuestBeast Quest has a very short but attractive storyline. Here, you will be the hero who will save the magical kingdom named Avantia from the wrath of the magical beasts. You have to complete different quests to upgrade your armors and abilities as time to time, the difficulty level of the game will increase. This is a huge open world RPG game. So, you will have a massive place to explore and level after level you will face mighty Bosses. And to save the kingdom, you must defeat the enemies. The gameplay is very attractive as the combat system is very rich. You will have so many types of combats to learn and perform them in the battlefield. Lots of hidden treasures are also available in the game. And by unlocking and finding them you will be able to upgrade your abilities and become powerful than ever. Because, you might have to battle against multiple giants or beasts. So, if you want to go to a dreamy but dangerous journey in a game then, Beast Quest is the game for you.

Angry Birds Epic:

Angry Birds EpicWho does not love Angry Birds series? If you have loved that series too, then it is your time to check out the famous RPG game of that series, which is none other than ‘Angry Birds Epic’.  On this game, you will have to explore a mysterious but beautiful world full of bad piggies. And, you must use your weapons to defeat the piggies. You can easily learn the gameplay as it is very easy to master. But, to become the greatest hero of all time, you must have to fight against the enemies. To do that you have the opportunity to craft many awesome looking at but lethal weapons in this epic game. And, all of the armors are also upgradable. So, if you love RPG games as well as Angry Birds Series then this game is a must try for you. You will be amazed by the gameplay and the graphics of this game.


It is not very easy to make a list of top RPG games among lots of similar games out there. But, we tried our best to pick the best ones for you. So, this list might contradict with your opinion. For this, feel free to let us know your favorite RPG games by commenting below.

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