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There is no denying that smartphones changed the way how we live our lives, and, therefore, how we do our business. As smartphones continue to improve, their grip on the business landscape becomes even stronger, and our capacity to do everything on the go continues to increase. It is very hard to find some business activity which benefits more from this relation than trading, which strongly depends on the ability to quickly harness info and make a timely call wherever you are in the world. So, if you consider yourself a trading junky, let us see some of the apps which will help you to make the most out of your passion.

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The Wall Street Journal (Android, iOS, Windows 10)

With the history reaching all the way back to 1880s, The Wall Street Journal is one of the most popular, English-language business-oriented daily newspapers in the world, and this app is the best way to read it. Now, although the very app is free to download, you will have to pay subscription in order to access the newspaper content. Here, though, you will get an option to watch website videos, which gives this app an edge over its printed counterpart.

Barron’s (Android, iOS)

Another premier American financial magazine and another great app for anyone who wants to stay in touch with everything that is happening in the world of finance. Much like WSJ, Barron’s requires a paid subscription too, but the good news is that investing in this app is much cheaper than buying the printed edition, and the content you get (e.g. smart recap of recent market actions) more than justifies the price. All of this makes Barron’s an essential download, especially if you are planning to skip the WSJ.

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Scutify (Android, iOS)

Scutify is the app that gathers all the social media rumor on the stocks, FX and commodities you are interested in into something than can most easily be described as expanded stock market Twitter. Offering its users a chance to mutually connect, research, and place their trades through the Tradier Brokerage API, Scutify provides a completely new way to explore and analyze the market. Also, the most renowned penny stock trader Timothy Sykes mentioned Scutify as the best trading app in his blog, so downloading it seems like a really good choice.

TD Ameritrade Trader (Android, iOS)

Owned by TD Ameritrade, an American online broker based in Omaha, TD Ameritrade Trader is a powerful well-rounded trading platform. Besides trading stocks, forex, options, complex options, and futures, this app offers a wide range of handy features, such as interactive market calendar, live stream CNBC, scanning charts and charts studies, depositing checks, connecting with other traders, etc.  Due to its diverse options, TD Ameritrade Trader is an essential app for every aspiring trader.

E-TRADE (Android, iOS)

The U.S. corporate giant, E-TRADE Financial Corporation, created a streamlined and easy-to-use trading and investing app, which gives users the possibility of trading mutual funds, ETFs, stocks, and options. Furthermore, this app offers real-time streaming quotes, market and company news, personalized stock alerts, educational videos and much more. Another neat feature is barcode look-up which enables scanning any product while shopping to see what publicly traded company owns it. Also, there is an option of connecting with other traders to analyze opinions, understand community sentiment and see what stocks are being actively traded.

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TradeKing (Android, iOS)

TradeKing deserved its name by being one of the best apps in its niche. When it is first launched in 2005 it had a simple goal – to provide quality customer service alongside low-cost commissions. Today, it evolved into an app with great overall client experience. It became the ideal combination of mobile trading and premium research. This, together with TradeKing’s core features (trading stocks, options and complex options, advanced chartings, custom stock alerts, live streaming quotes, market news, portfolio tracking, etc.) made it the ultimate value broker. Additionally, TradeKing offers simple, streamlined, yet elegant interface.

Those were six best apps every trading junky should have in its possession. Investing from the palm of your hand is far from being a new thing, so if you have an itch for trading (regardless whether we are talking about stocks, options, forex, or some other kind), you should be well equipped with all the technological wonders which will help you stay on the top of your game.

Marcus Jensen

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