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Here comes another year of looking for gadgets and home appliances that are even better than before. Which direction are the improvements going to? What are the manufacturers aiming for? And of course, what are the must-haves for this year? As early as the end of last year, you probably already have an idea of what you want to see this year.

Better Smartwatches

This year, we expect gadgets to be even smarter, preferably with longer battery life. We have already seen smart watches from the giant which is Apple, but they’re not just there yet. In fact, the expensive Apple watch just failed to satisfy. It’s for sure that we well get to see these smart watches get even better. A little competition between the gadget giants might give us the innovations we want. Wouldn’t it be awesome to witness a battle of which smart watch is better, from Samsung and Apple?

Wireless Everything

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Aside from that, there probably will be more innovations in the area of wireless gadgets. Keep your eyes open for better wireless headphones and speakers. Or better yet, wireless earbuds, like the Pearbuds and Earin wireless buds.

Wireless is still in, as it had always been since the birth of mobile phones. And speaking of mobile phones, we demand for longer battery life. Sure, better camera would be nice, but it would be awesome not to have to charge your phone every hour or so even when you use it for calls and games.

And as we have already seen wireless charging, expect to see home appliances go wireless too. A wireless flat iron would quite come in handy, don’t you think?

Better 3D Printing

We’re curious to see what it would be like to have 3D printing that is a lot better than last year. Right now we already have 3D printers for food and simple stuff, but surely that’s not the limit of what these remarkable printers can do. As one famous Hogwarts wandmaker said, “Curious…very curious”. We’re also curious to see what else we can do with 3D printers, and this curiosity is not exclusive to geeks alone.

Superior TV Experience

Spending quality time with family at home with our good ol’ TV is out. Spending quality time with family at home with an awesome and definitely huge TV is in. Larger and higher resolution TV would definitely please everyone, even your grandpa.  Every year always brings new TV innovation, and this year is not an exception.

Virtual Reality

Oculus Rift brought us a glimpse of our first virtual reality experience, and we are quite happy with it. For so long we wait for something like this, so a glimpse is not even close to being enough of an experience. We are positive that this year we can finally see the launching of Oculus Rift in the mainstream, and the launch of many other VR.  Samsung introduces its Gear VR that geeks and non-geeks alike will hope to try out. Hopefully this year will be the year of VR.

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