Cloud Storage Service Box Releases Major Updates to Android App

On Tuesday, May 20th, cloud storage service Box debuted Box for Android 3.0, the most expansive update for this app since it was introduced back in 2010. These updates are aimed at making Box faster and easier to use.

Updates include a new image gallery that allows users to browse photos without waiting for images with the highest resolution to load. Another update is a faster document previewer with support for more file types.

Also announced on Tuesday was an agreement with LG to pre-load the Box app on all LG G-series phones. These box app for androidphones will feature a trial version of Box that gives the user 50 GB of free data storage for 1 year. After the trial year, users are brought back down to the default 10 GB storage limit unless they opt to purchase more storage.

Box’s mobile project manager Simon Tan explains some more of the improvements added to Box’s app:


“You can now run through that important slide presentation right from your Android phone or tablet. We’ve also added some great features inside the preview experience, including page thumbnails, grid views, full text search within documents and more.

IT admins can deploy Box straight to their employees’ devices with AppConnect policy controls including app-specific passcode locks and file saving restrictions.”

This version includes upgrades to the OneCloud gallery. Now, when previewing files, the OneCloud gallery shows which apps on your phone are capable of displaying the type of file you are previewing. Documents to Go, an editing suite for Microsoft Office, and Hall, a business communications app, were added to the OneCloud directory.

Earlier this year, Box released similar updates for its iOS app. There is an IPO in the works for Box, tentatively scheduled for June after being delayed due to reported past losses and the admission from Box higher-ups that the company is projected to continue to lose a lot of money. Box is making a good move here by enhancing user experience to improve its reputation and perceived quality among potential shareholders.

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