Top Puzzle games for Android (Paid)

Puzzle gamesEvery day a lot of new games are releasing for Android. And, there are many categories of games. Puzzle game is one of them. Most of us want to challenge our brains, and playing Puzzle game is one of the best way to do it. If you are in pursuit of some brainstorming Puzzle games, then you are at the right place. Today, we are going to familiarize you with some of the best Puzzle games on Android Platform, which are fun to play and enigmatic at the same time.



There are a lot puzzle games out there for Android. But, many of them could be frustrating and taunting to users. But, LYNE is simply the opposite. This game is so relaxing and challenging at once. You have to find out the similar shapes (will be given on the screen) and match them with a line. Yes, it is simple as that. Not only the gameplay, but also the music of this game is very attracting and soothing. That is why you will not feel bored while you play the game. This game has many things to offer you. It has 100 of Pre-Built puzzles. As well as you will get automatically generated puzzle daily. Certainly, which is another important thing about this game that you will not have to repeatedly play the same puzzles everyday. Last but not the least, we can say that if you want a puzzle game; which won’t irritate you rather will give you fun then, LYNE is the game for you.


HookHook is recently released puzzle game. But, it has already built a great reputation among the puzzle gamers. As it is a new game, there are only 50 levels now. But, we assume that the developer will release more levels in the future updates. We have picked out Hook not because of it is a newly released game, but for its intuitive gameplay. In a word, we can say that this puzzle game is very addictive. Level by level, the difficulty increases in a slow manner. So, you will not feel irritated. The music of this game is another great addition to the game. From the charming music to the very elegant gameplay, this game is a masterpiece. The puzzles might seem to you very easy and at the same time you will feel the difficulty of solving a puzzle. So, if you want to play a puzzle game in your spare time, which will not put any pressure on you then Hook is the ultimate choice.

Back to Bed

There are not too many puzzle games which are 3D or have cool graphics. Most of the time the developers put their priority on the gameplay. However, ‘Back to Bed’ took Puzzle games to a newBack to Bed level. Because, it is a 3D puzzle game with a mind blowing graphics. And the gameplay of this game is equally enjoyable and addictive. In this game you will help a sleepwalker named BOB (lead character) to reach his bed safely. Bas he lives in a dreamy, beautiful, but very dangerous world. You have to take control of the subconscious guardian (named as SUBOB) of BOB to control him. You have to fully concentrate on the game, to reach BOB to his safety without putting him in any type of danger. This has a lot of things to surprise you. It6 is a game where, surprises meet with thrills. The music of this game is very attractive and related to the gameplay. Thus, you will be concentrating on the game all of the time. We can say that, if you want an eye-soothing game where your brain will be challenged at the same time, then Back to Bed is the one you should pick.

Monument valley

Monument ValleyMonument valley is another puzzle game where puzzle meets with mystery. It is a similar game to the Back to BED. However, it will give you another type of experience playing the game. In this game, you will guide a silent Princess to her goal, defending her from many surreal, surprising, scary dangers. While you play this game you will get lost in a dreamy but mysterious world. The graphics, gameplay and the music of this game are mind blowing. You will never feel monotonous playing this game. It is a plus, if you use headphone while playing it.  Because, the music of this game will surely take you to a new dreamy world. The more you play this game, the more you will get addicted to it. So, if you want to get lost in a world of dream and illusion, then this is the game you are searching for.


If you are a number lover and as well as a puzzle gamer, then Threes is the game for you. It is a game where you will have to ply with numbers related to 3. The Gameplay of this game is prettyThrees challenging and enjoyable at the same time. The gameplay is very easy to learn, but it will engage you for a long term. The difficulty of this game will increase gradually but with a slow pace. One of the interesting things about this game is that the changing of difficulty will be adapted to your playing style. So, sometime the difficulty might decrease, if you are not playing well in higher difficulty. However, this game will keep you attached to it. You will get much fun playing this game. If you are searching for a game where the game will understand you, and can challenge your brain at once, then Threes will be the best choice for you.

Bottom line

We have tried to compile some of the best Puzzle games for Android here. These games are very challenging as well as very addictive to play. If you are a Puzzle game lover, you will not regret playing them. So, to spend your free time in fun, you can undoubtedly install those games on your Android device.

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