Draw on Android with Floating Draw

The variety of applications to draw on Android is quite wide, so in this sense almost all users already have your favorite application to make sketches in hours of boredom. So far the most “popular” way of pointing something at the interface of Android was that we had to take a screenshot and then could draw on it to mark something in the picture.

Now, with the implementation of Floating Draw , we simply run the program to make drawings on any screen or mobile application. As you can see in the picture attached below, there is no time limit to draw pictures on the screen.

Floating draw

The application is free, but also offers a paid version which costs just over a euro. The free version of Floating Draw is more than enough if we want to just point out some aspect of the display using a drawing. The paid version includes some extras such as the option to undo and redo drawings, so this is not something substantial when using the program.

An interesting, useful and simple application. Do you know alternatives that have the same function? Do you this application may be useful when showing someone a screenshot of your phone?

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