4 Best Microsoft Office Android Alternatives

microsoft office android

Recently Microsoft did a major overhaul of its Android apps releasing much more competent apps than previous Office mobile. Now you get Word, Excel, Share Point, PowerPoint and others as separate apps. Nevertheless, no matter how good these new apps are, the good thing about Android ecosystem is the number of apps and bundles being released by different manufacturers. Even though it is the most famous office suite in the world it is not necessarily the best one for android. Here are 4 other suites that go head to head with Microsoft’s apps in some aspects.

WPS Office

wps office

Perhaps the most popular Microsoft Office alternative, this suite even resembles it. If you are familiar with the famed Office (well, who isn’t?), you’ll quickly adjust to it. Additionally, WPS office integrates with many cloud storage services, such as Dropbox, Box, OneDrive and Google Drive. This suite offers wireless printing, as well as many formatting features and perks. Sharing files and presentations with other devices has been enabled via Wi-Fi and the WPS Office is compatible with Windows, Linux and even iOS, in addition to Android devices.



Quip is a word processor, spreadsheet, to-do list and collaboration tool combo, compatible with iOS, PC, Mac and, of course, with Android devices. Although the document-creation tools do not really excel at the sleek look as that of Microsoft Office, this isn’t really Quip’s downside. In fact, rather than stunning design, the very point of this suite is collaboration, seeing as how it lets you import documents from cloud platforms such as Dropbox, Evernote and Google Drive. Looks aren’t the name of the game here, but if you want a neat, quick suite that allows you to work with others, well, Quip will suit you perfectly!

Google Drive

google drive

We have mentioned this cloud platform so far as compatible with the two mentioned suites, but Google Drive can be considered as an office suite, in itself! Document creation and editing are made available here, in addition to a robust file locker! Regardless of where Google Drive is accessed from (website or app), it boasts fantastic support for sharing and commenting on documents. On the downside, however, Google Drive tends to be kind of, let’s say tricky about its documents. As an example, there are a ton of compatibility issues included, especially when it comes to Excel documents and PowerPoint presentations. Google Drive may not be the most graceful service, it is a great tool. It isn’t the best mobile office suite in offer, but it does come with some neat perks!

OfficeSuite Pro 7

office suite 7 pro

The latest version of OfficeSuite Pro comes with a completely redesigned interface, which now fits perfectly with its strong suite of editing tools. This office suite offers everything from robust cloud support, to a sleek UI and smart implementation of editing features, which is, quite honestly, one of the main points of suites. The OfficeSuite Pro 7, unfortunately, comes with somewhat large issue on Samsung devices, where app cannot display italicized text. Although this may sound trivial, the complete lack of this option is a ridiculous oversight. Despite the fact that OfficeSuite Pro 7 looks great and does a fantastic job, it is marginally overpriced.

These Office alternatives are great solutions for all of you who can’t wait for the proper Office for Android to get released. The majority of these suggestions are free, while others are relatively cheap. In any case, you won’t regret installing any of these!

Marcus Jensen

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