Adding Books To Google Books Play

One of the best habits of human beings is reading, and definitely for the best things we can do on our Android, but ultimately easier than from a tablet, there are many terminals with large comfortable screen reading.

Play all know the Google Books application, which allows us to access a varied catalog of books on any subject you can buy and read directly from the application itself. However, many do not know the service that Google offers to dispose of our own books taking advantage of the application when you provide different settings for a pleasant reading our books. The PDF and EPUB formats are compatible for the application and the steps to upload books to Google Play Books are very simple:

  • Login to your account through the following link on the PC.


  • Selected in the upper right corner the option to load.
  • Or select the files you want to upload to your account.
  • And presto, you have added to your account book, and as you can see, it is automatically detected and the data the cover of the book you just added without any effort.

It is certainly an excellent option if you want to take our reading anywhere, should not forget that the access from any of our Android devices are paired, and our books we can access right where we had stopped reading. Google Play Books is the perfect tool to keep our digital library and ordered our fingertips.

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