Top Apps for Car Enthusiasts

Being a passionate driver is a lifestyle and if you are one of them, there is a great chance that you will look for every way available to improve this experience even further. Luckily, in 2016, there is seldom a thing that cannot be made significantly better through a cunning use of an app. However, not everything is simply about driving experience improvement, but with driving efficiency and even road safety. With this in mind, here are some of the best apps for all the car lovers out there.

texting and driving


This revolutionary application has in its essence the idea of improving overall road safety. We know that texting and driving is what most people consider to be the plight of the 21st century roads and it is the job of this app to fix the issue. By reading you mails and messages out loud (with a surprisingly accurate voice recognition software) this application helps keep your eyes on the road at all times. Its saving grace is that it is also compatible with a lot of mailing services. Furthermore, by improving this app to pro version you can significantly improve most of its features.


When we decide to speak about driving efficiency, we must not lose financial efficiency from our minds. This is where GasBuddy app comes in big. By informing its users of the gas prices in your vicinity it enables them to save a genuine fortune by buying cheap. Seeing how gas expenses are a major issue (especially for people who drive to work), the use of this app can make a huge difference in your household budget.

car apps


Now, no list would be complete without a proper navigation system. With this in mind, NavFree app is your safest choice. Not only does this amazing app help you with finding your way around the streets, it also aids you in pedestrian navigation function. Sure, you may not need navigation in your home town but what about when you decide to go on a road trip. With NavFree all you will have to do is fill up the tank, make sure your car is in working order and embark on this interesting adventure.

Automatic Link

Speaking of addressing all your car needs like, tire pressure, fuel levels but also their connection your driving patterns Automatic Link is second to none. By analyzing your behind-the-wheel behavior, this amazing application can accurately assess your average trip timelines and fuel efficiency. What you need to do to make all of this happen is attach dongle on your car’s on-board computer and then connect it to your app. As it collects data, it will keep informing you of all the relevant information it stumbles upon. This amazing software really gives a new meaning to the phrase getting to know your vehicle.

car apps


Last but not the least important, what you need is a good repair assessment tool. Sure, most car enthusiast are extremely protective and even jealous of their cars, which means that they seldom put them in a situation where they will need a serious repair. Still, these things happen and what you will need at that time is a RepairPal tool, which can help you track your car repair history as well as create estimates for repair expenses. Needless to say, once the need for it arises, this app is of immense help.

Each and every one of these apps is there to help you improve at least some aspect of your driving. However, things get even deeper than that. By improving something you love doing and do every single day, these apps also have a shot of improving your overall lifestyle quality. Most definitely not a thing to be trifled with.

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