The offline Chrome apps will be compatible with Android

Google is not only preparing offline Chrome apps to use in desktop operating systems like Windows, but also will be compatible with Android.


The expansion suffering Chrome is growing and now it seems a little more become independent of both Android and the Internet itself. The Web Store Google browser already has multiple offline apps able to run on desktop operating systems such as Windows, as part of any desktop application without any need of internet. This, and in itself is an achievement, but Google is also planning to launch the same apps offline in mobile operating systems like Android and iOS can be.

Certainly we can say that Google is breaking the barriers between operating systems and this project proposes to use certain functions independently of the operating system that we handle at any given time. What is almost confirmed that this project is slated for release in 2014 and its director will be Michael Mocny. He also commented that to use these apps in particular version 4.0 of Android, Kit Kat will be required.



Precisely virtually the former head architect of Android, Andy Rubin, recently made headlines by revealing that happened to create the little green robot to be the project manager of a division of Google designed to build real robots. Although Rubin declined to give many details about the project, it is confirmed that the new division of Google is considered as an independent company and is hiring several experts in robotics to move them to Palo Alto and Japan. Several people associated with the project say it would be no domestic robots but industrial robots, specialized in manufacturing and assembly.

Of course, you can not say that Google will cover all the original ideas in their new projects.

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