10 editors with support for Markdown on Android

At the time of writing in Markdown, we can also do it from your Android device. Here is a selection of ten applications that you can use to write for blogs, take notes in class and meetings, and more. From the simplest to the most comprehensive functionalities, covering all writing needs.


Markdown is by far one of the best ways to write. We spoke a while ago about the meaning of Markdown , as well as take advantage of the best applications for the iPad and iOS. In addition to the desktop, and our iOS devices, owners of Android smartphones and tablets can also take advantage of Markdown. Then we leave you with the best Android Markdown editors.


I think Denote is undoubtedly one of the best Android Markdown editors. Among other things, lets you create, view and edit text files in this format from our device. But, in addition, also has a preview feature to see how our text is lagging. It is based in the cloud, and therefore saves all data and files in our Dropbox account, so that later we can also access the texts from a computer or other device.


A few days ago, we talked about Lightpaper for Mac , a text editor with support for Markdown free. Lightpaper is also available for Android , and indeed, it was their first release. Some consider him the best editor, so let’s see what it has to offer. Lightpaper comes in two versions, one free and one paid, which incorporates more features. Among other things, supports MultiMarkdown, support for bloggers on WordPress and Tumblr, you can store files locally as well as Dropbox, keyboard shortcuts, and preview the text as you’re typing.


If we are looking for a simple, MarkDrop is exactly what we need. The unique features that gives us is clearly support for Markdown, and also provides synchronization with Dropbox to store our documents.Along with its simplicity, clearly able to open files from another device is more than tempting.



We talked Draft in the past, as one of the best text editors for Android. One of the differential values ​​that are Draft is that it is certainly one of the best Android Markdown editors, supplemented by several practical for those who must write with intensity from your smartphone functionalities. Unlike other alternative is built to function optimally on tablets, but it is also efficient on the screens of smartphones. Among other things, has organizational capabilities that allow us to save files in folders and subfolders.


A very elegant application to write Markdown. Unlike the alternatives presented here, the proposed Writer is rather minimalist, allowing us to focus solely on writing. Perfect for taking notes or writing creatively from Mobile, try to keep all their functionality as simple as possible. Documents can be saved locally and can also be synchronized to the cloud via Dropbox and Box. On the other hand, they can also be sent via email.

JotterPad X

JotterPad X is one of the best Android Markdown editors with a strong proposal full of features. Is also guided by minimalism, with a clear, clean interface that we focus only on writing. Besides the obvious support for Markdown, has full integration with Dropbox so we can access documents from anywhere, a night mode to display comfortably display in low light, the review version to see if you have deleted something important The autosave files, word count, and more.

android (1)


Typr is also ideal for those needing versatility when working on a tablet, but is also available for Android smartphones. Its interface is austere and stripped to allow concentration on the moments of writing.However, this austerity is also replicated in the amount of functionality, since no synchronization with the cloud and only allows you to save files locally. But this can also have a positive view, because it works perfectly when you’re offline. Those who want a nice and simple application, typr is a good idea.


Notal is also a fairly powerful editor that allows us to work with Markdown from our mobile. It has a simple, clean style that not only allows us to write but is also good for reading documents. Their differential values ​​include the ability to share notes created in a simple way, as well as several options for navigation to open several notes simultaneously. The text size on the other hand, can be configured to suit our needs.

Mark |

If you want something very, very simple, then Mark | is for us. Just a Markdown editor for writing and, if necessary, to share. Nothing more.


We close our list with Markdown editors for Android with MarkDawn . Let us not be discouraged by its icon (which is certainly not the most beautiful county) has many practical features. The bet is rather minimalist, and allows us to preview the text as we work to identify mistakes we have made ​​at the time of formatting. On the other hand, has support for multiple extensions.

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