Google CloudDo you know that you can put your programs in a cloud? No, I don’t mean those fluffy looking literal clouds in the sky, because right now, we still don’t have hat kind of technology (maybe someday, right? Anything is possible). Anyway, what I meant is the Google Cloud. And if you are a game developer, you probably already know about this.

Google boasts about its Cloud as a powerful, simple and cost effective object storage service where you can easily save access your data anywhere you can, and have access to it any time too. It offers three product options, namely: the Standard Storage which is the most expensive of the bunch, the Durable Reduced Availability Storage, and the Nearline Storage. The latter cost the least among these three.

There are some others companies offering more or less the same kind of service. Some opt for the cheaper options from those companies, but most everyone and everything is on Google now. Being the giant in its field, it is hard to ignore Google and the services it provides. So before you decide on which cloud you are going to choose, you will probably check Google Clouds’ object storage services first.

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