Google Play receives more categories of Games

What video games are becoming more important in the grand scheme of things for Google is made, with an increasing percentage of games between apps in Google Play. Such programs also moves a huge amount of money, so it is not surprising pop projects like consoles based on Android, as Ouya. This importance will be reflected in February of next year when new categories of games on Google Play year .


Right now there are only six basic categories, but as any fan will recognize this amount is not enough to catalog all types of games around. The result is that if we conduct a search according to our tastes we find titles that do not really interest us. By example, strategy games are included in the category “Arcade & Action” when precisely this more slow and deliberate gender is completely contrary to the arcade frenzy.


So from this December requesting developers hang a game on Google Play will have more categories to choose from. The change will not be visible to users until February and that’s when we will have 17 categories of games to choose from. As we see, there are some expected additions like RPGs, or division of very general categories such as “casual” in other more specific.

Source | Google

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