TEO, First Lock The World Controlled Via Smartphone

TEO is a padlock with Bluetooth connection that is completely controlled from a smartphone or other compatible device. You can keep all who use it, control how long and where it is being used.

It seems that nowadays everything is controlled with a smartphone from the accessories for pets , through the apparatus for controlling the health and even the locks on the do or of the house.

Having a master device such as a smartphone , which controls everything you are using is wonderful and very dangerous at the same time, but that’s the world in which we live and the future too. And that’s why increasingly appearing objects that can be controlled via the phone as TEO, the first lock in the world that uses Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone and allow a user to open and close .

The creator thought when TEO was traveling and had taken the keys to a lock that left home and was afraid of losing them. So it happened that the best you could do is create a lock to be handled through the smartphone and so forget the keys.

TEO is controlled from any device using Bluetooth, and can be used by anyone who has the “key” through the application. This means that if you are the owner of the lock but have a friend who’s going to get something in place where it is placed, can give you access to the key and also decide how long you want this to happen, of so that you have complete control over the use of the lock.

With this lock you can always know who has access, where, when and how long it will take and the location where it is being used (if the borrow). All this can be done through an application that can be checked from the browser or application.

TEO uses a low-power battery that should last at least a year, although intended to sell another battery to prevent crash.

TEO is on Kickstarter now , are missing about 53 days and have already raised about 30% of what they ordered. It seems so going to get the goal we have set. The project will initially only iOS app, but think also develop for Android later. In the campaign they were offering the lock for $ 79, but since they are gone.There is no information yet on when it will begin to sell and dispatch.

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