Apps that can not miss in your new Android

This time we present the essential apps for your Android within the following categories:

  • Photography.
  • Launchers.
  • Cloud storage.
  • Backup.
  • Twitter clients.

Nexus 5

He finished the year gentlemen, and to conclude, a final round of tips for new owners of a smartphone or tablet with Android. A few days ago and we discussed our first part of the essential apps for Android , but since no list is complete always, we lacked cover several categories ofapps , so to alargarnos a bit more and please users, here is the second part.

Although there are more worthy candidates to enter the list, we are limited to choosing only those that seem best to give you a more specific menu and do not waste half your life deciding what could be the ideal.


This was a category that was strange in the previous article, so to vindicate have included three applications to take pictures and capture video (in quotes).

  • VSCO Cam : was part of our list of the best applications for Android, 2013 , is fairly new, but good, good. VSCO Cam is not your traditional photo editor with nice filters, is a fairly complete picture editor with many options, and the end result is usually fabulous. You can also create your own photo album in a domain provided by VSCO so beautiful and professional.
  • Instagram : an inevitable lovers take photos of their cats and food. But believe it or we can also take photos of other things, and share them on this social network for hipsters … forgiveness, love photography. Instagram also copied Vine this year, and now we can record videos of a few seconds and upload them to the network.
  • Vine : It has been a big hit during the year, the Twitter application created by allowing us to share videos than 7 seconds and no more, it has become a great to boil people’s creativity tool. It came almost an application of animated GIFs with sounds, is great fun and even though it has some flaws in Android, you can not pass up.


  • Aviate : is one of the newest launchers for Android we’ve seen this year, and although still in closed beta by invitation, you can request your code and arrives quickly. Aviate organizes your desktop smart, and has the applications you use most during certain hours of the day, it is simple, minimalist and practical.
  • Apex Launcher : It is one of the launchers older for Android, is a classic in this kind of apps . If you prefer a more “normal” desktop, as we are used to Android stock , Apex is one of the best options, added many extra features and a simple desktop customization, you can transform into something made ​​with dedication.

Cloud Storage

  • Dropbox : is one, if not the most popular storage service in the cloud these days, was a pioneer in the field, and to date remains one of the best options to save your files online. Dropbox has apps for almost any operating system and a blemish-free synchronization. Android supports instant photo upload camera and certainly a fixture.
  • Copy : is another storage service in the great cloud is fairly new, but that has not stopped that has applications for Linux, Mac, iOS and Windows. If you want an alternative to Dropbox that offer more space, more space (15GB +5 GB) and function perfectly like this, look no further, Copy is your best choice.


  • Titanium BackUp : is a classic application for full backups of all your data and applications on Android, ideal for those who change ROM as underwear and do not want to go through the tedious process of installing everything again.
  • Helium (Carbon) : ClockworkMod boys is in direct competition with Titanium, and also has cloud sync and is a much more user friendly.

Twitter Clients

  • Falcon Pro : is still the best Twitter client for Android I’ve had, and have tried many (believe me). The bad thing about this story is that Falcon is no longer available in the Play Store by problems with the Twitter API and limit disaster tokens , but the developer put at our disposal instructions for installing and the APK for free in their site itself. If you’re a power user who runs many lists, looking for great songs and a filter interface, Falcon Pro is the best.

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