Skype is updated with calls for floating windows version tablets

Latest updates from Skype are taking some prominence to smartphones, designed to focus on providing news for tablets. Typically these devices are not designed for making calls, but the truth is that thanks to their larger screens have some very interesting possibilities, such as Microsoft recently announced the release of version 4.5 of Skype.


Besides the usual bug fixes, no new features showy for tablets. First, and most importantly, the ability to follow our calls even while you’re using other applications. To do this, we have implemented a system of “window in window” with a floating frame in which we can continue our conversation, either video or only audio, while at the same time use other system app.


Multitasking is an element that is not exploited in Android, so it’s interesting to see this kind of implementations by other companies. Microsoft ensures that sought to offer a similar experience that can be enjoyed in the tablet Windows 8 , which if they are designed with multitasking in mind. Yes, if you use Skype on smartphones and see a new license to show the app over others, you will have to know that this feature is not available for these devices, at least not for now.


Other new features include a new way to jump from letter to letter in our contact list while we use a tablet, can zoom by pinching the screen. Likewise problems encountered in the Nexus 5 as well as some Samsung devices are also addressed.

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