Drobpox updated with managing shared folders with your contacts

New version of Dropbox to view the application to use the famous storage service in the cloud.Android is one of the most famous alternatives for this task, and certainly the innovations presented in this new update will help keep it that way. Among the most interesting novelties are a highly anticipated, the ability to manage our shared folders and choose between our contacts who can access them.


To do this, we have only to take a any folder, access the context menu and give it to “share”. Then we have two options, either directly share the link, or invite other users to be able to see the folder. Once we chose the second option can choose between your contacts (or just email) who share. We can also set permissions so that person can also turn share the folder, or that only we can share.

Another novelty affect services “Pro”, with which we can expand the storage size of our own. Now we can hire these services directly through Google Play for comfort and confidence.

Dropbox update is now available on Google Play.


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