Android notifications in your PC with PushBullet are now even better

We have spoken many times of PushBullet , but always focusing on its core mission, transfer files easily . Initially it was intended to be sent to other users, and soon allowed us to do so easily to our PC via the extension for Chrome. A few days ago received a small update functionality somewhat less known, but very interesting, and took the opportunity to tell you more about it to know that after you have been testing us all this time and seeing what works really well.


PushBullet file transfer also provides the ability to display all notifications Android on your PC through the extension for Chrome or Firefox. Thanks to this we can see that we are always on our computer a small notification that indicates what happens to our Android, whether it is an incoming call, message, mail or WhatsApp again, supports any application that sends notifications.

To enable this feature simply have to have installed the extension for your browser, open the Android app, press menu and click on settings from the link there under “Notification mirroring (beta)”. Once the new window opens service PushBullet activate and start receiving notifications.

Just below see another link to Settings, and is what will set us of what applications we want to receive notifications , very handy if you do not want any is constantly bothering us.


PushBullet been updated several times this notification service for Android, getting on today probably the best in its category.  Such as battery drain and performance impact is almost nil.

The most important thing is that we can select the time that we want a notification is in our browser, considering that bother us too much or do not have time to see them eventually default one.

Also since the update I’ve noticed that notifications work even better than before, immediately appear . That is, as we have in our Android we see on our PC, instantly. It is indeed an essential application, and it uses almost no battery, I have not noticed worsening duration for having the active tool.

On the other hand we have a new indicator of uploading files  in the notification bar, and also allows us to cancel a raise they are just clicking on it , much more comfortable.



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