Press, the best feed reader is updated with Inmersive mode, dark theme and more

Not the first time we spoke of Press , a newsreader with the most elegant design. In principle it was launched as an add on Google Reader, and Feedly now. Press is proud of its great design, one simple, minimalist and no ads. A New Press update arrives today to provide even more features to this great supplement for those who tend to read feeds from your smartphone or tablet Android.


The new list of Press 1.5 are:

  • Dark Theme
  • Theme renovated light
  • Inmersive mode on all items (only available in KitKat)
  • Quick press to save in Pocket / Instapaper (set in Settings)
  • New gestures Wishlist
  • Swipe to mark as read / favorite
  • Swipe and drag right or left to fast action
  • Most accessible sources
  • Localization for multiple languages
  • Bug fixes, improvements in overall performance. 

As we see are many improvements, we are happy to see that the developers are beginning to incorporate the great Inmersive mode between the characteristics of their applications. And the movement gestures in an RSS reader is an easy way to move between them.

For those who tend to be inquiring via phone, we suggest that you download and Press. The version 1.5 update is now available for those who already have it. And those who can not get by € 2.25 for the Play Store.


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