PIP Camera: Pictures pic-in-pic

What’s “pic-in-pic”?

It is a style of photography which is basically include a picture within another

Yes it sounds weird, but it’s pretty interesting, PIP Camera is a great app that lets you create effects without any knowledge in our stunning photos all by posing as experts in the art of photography and Photoshop.

PIP Camera is an app to create fascinating pictures automatically and with truly amazing results “photos within photos”, all thanks to their predefined templates.

PIP camera Screenshot


Here we find they refer to as templates ranging from classic to insert a photo in a glass, car side mirror, a frame, a bottle, etc.. They are pretty amazing some mixtures that can be achieved once a classic mold allows you to add effects to photography ranging from the most basic to some quite elaborate is chosen.

PIP Screenshot


This is a gallery of templates that as the name suggests are frameworks to enhance our pictures, once selected frame, we have the option of choosing gallery effects, one for the final retouch photography.

PIP frame


In this section we downloading templates or frames of classic and new effects, there are free and paid.

PIP Bookstore screenshot

And of course, with option to share it on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram …

Definitely a must for lovers of amateur photography app.

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