Google form a great partnership with car manufacturers to integrate Android

The cars, the final frontier. At least that’s how it should be looking at Google with the latest series of agreements with industry manufacturers to bring Android to the computers of the future cars.The era in which a car was just a series of gears is over , onboard computers today are powerful enough to perform all kinds of tasks, and these computers need an operating system.

Open automotive alliance android

Open Automotive Alliance to bring Android to cars

In this sense we speak of the agreement between Google and Audi, and now we know that is actually part of a much larger made ​​with some of the leading manufacturers in the world. Open Automotive Alliance (OAA) is made ​​by Audi itself, GM (owner of Chevrolet among others), Honda, Hyundai, Nvidia, and of course, Google , and aims to bring the innovations already enjoyed in the palm of the hand to the car, keeping an open philosophy.

OAA android

The key of the project are free philosophy, large scale (billions of cars sold between all manufacturers) and customization. If you will sound, is because they are the same keys that have Android, which is already the operating system to best selling mobile devices on the planet, largely through the use of open source but also because manufacturers have been able to customize the experience to some extent. This will be important when manufacturers want to own systems for each brand but sharing a common base.

The common ground is an aspect that Ricky Hudi, head of Audi electronics, made ​​special mention, since according to him a common ecosystem benefits the safety of drivers , an idea that also holds Yoshiharu Yamamoto, CEO of Honda, it makes sense, and that the more common ground control eyes, the faster possible errors will be found. Before this task was possible in proprietary systems, but the increased complexity of these systems in today’s vehicles necessitates a change of course.

To do so, Android may be key, as Woong-Chul Yang says Hyundai, of course, Sundar Pichai of Google agrees to implement a system like his family is ideal for many users.

The result should be that the future cars of each of these companies will bring Android default systems , which can run all kinds of tasks in addition to connecting with our devices. At the moment we have to wait to see results, but it gives the feeling that the foundations are being laid for the expansion of Android to the car.

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