Air Call Answer: Answer Calls by Passing the Hand Above the Screen

Air Call Answer is an application that allows you to answer calls without touching the phone by hovering your hand in front of it and we will answer automatically start talking. This is very useful when you are cooking or dirty hands and we do not want to touch the phone to answer.

Air call answer

For this to work, you must have the qeuipo proximity sensor, which today is very common, so do not think they have problems when used in addition to Google Play will tell you that it is incompatible.

Air Features for Call Answer

1. Attend calls waving over the phone 
2. Attend phone calls to bring near the ears 
3. Option of automatic speaker 
4. Pocket mode (Evita automatic response when this phone in pocket) 
5. Enable / disable vibration alert 
6. Enable / Disable the message call screen 
7. Change the position of the message call screen


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